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About Company –
Sutherland is a digital transformation company founded in 1986 by Dilip R. Vellodi of which headquarters is based in Rochester, New York, United States of America. The company rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age. The company currently holds more than 38000 employees, is located in more than 60 locations, and has an annual turnover of more than 2500 crore rupees. It is one of the largest independent KPO’ s in the industry. The company has been helping customers across the globe from healthcare to financial services.
In the company, there is full commitment to ethics, forward-thinking policies for safeguarding sensitive data, and intellectual property.


The company is currently in search of a software developer who will get an active role in the software development life cycle. If you are looking for an opportunity and are confident that with your skills and experience you can help the company grow then the company is happy to work with you.

Position – Software Developer.

Job Location – Bangalore.

Degree needed – BE/B.Tech

Experience – No experience required

The Software Developer in this role will get to do the following things –

  • Developing and testing the software ad also get to maintain the product: It includes high-level code modification, debugging, and testing tasks. Also high-level analysis regarding software design and solving of major problems.
  • You should design and Code – Complex modules will be given to you that you must complete and should meet the requirements of the customers and also it must be under the budget of the customer
  • He or She must evaluate and analyze the performance of software – The candidate must analyze and suggest changes to the design team. Should communicate with the testing and developing team on regular basis.

Key duties –

  • Actively participate in all the phases of the software development cycle(coding, planning, developing, designing, etc).
  • Must work with other developers in a good environment.
  • Must perform testing work to find different kinds of errors and find the solution that meets requirements.
  • Must know multithreading.
  • Must write and develop documentation to describe the development of project, coding, and corrections.
  • Develop and must utilize automated test scripts that would perform the duties.

Qalifications required –

Candidates must have –

  • The candidate must have a good understanding of the oops concepts.
  • The candidate must have experience in C# programming.
  • The candidate must have a clear understanding of .Net framework concepts.
  • Candidate must have an understanding of computer network concepts like Sockets, IP, TCP, web applications, and web services.
  • Must know interoperability using Window API and COM components
  • He/She must have a good knowledge of design patterns.

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